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At SureTech Assembly we believe the best way to do business is through partnerships. In a true partnership, every participant has to add value.  When you work with SureTech you pay for the cables you need, but the attention to detail and advice from industry experts is on us. This means you get someone on your team who specializes in this process and can help avoid any costly mistakes or delays.Here are the experts who will ensure the success of your project.

Here are the experts who will ensure the success of your project.



The SureTech Engineers play a vital role in ensuring the successful creation of your cable assemblies.  Our engineering staff is engaged with your project from the initial meeting to make sure it is quoted and scheduled accurately to avoid any surprises later on.  During that process, the engineers will also provide to you any modification suggestions they have that would improve your cable assemblies reliability, producibility, or cost of production.  This review from our experts is done at no additional cost to you.  We know any cable assembly manufacturer can follow a blueprint, but we want to be your partner and help you succeed.

Beyond the standard review and suggestions, our engineering experts are also available to help in the creation of your cable assemblies or can reverse engineer an existing assembly that is missing a bill of materials and design drawings.  Click here to see an example of how our team supported a customer in need of that exact service.


We know our manufacturing process is worthy of the ISO 9001:2015 certification, but our experts who operate the process are just as important to you.  These experts will set up and operate our state of the art equipment to accurately produce your assembly and ensure it meets the quality standards needed to make your finished product a success.

Procurement Specialists:

The SureTech Procurement Specialists will coordinate with materials suppliers, or brokers for your hard to find parts, on your behalf.  This valuable service protects you against stocking issues with your required materials.  Our procurement specialists work closely with a variety of suppliers and can coordinate inventory stocking programs to help gain significant savings in materials costs without having to pay for all of that inventory up front. Additionally, these relationships with the suppliers can be very helpful in gathering specific information about the materials that often isn’t available to smaller volume buyers.  This level of coordination can be time-consuming, but for our team, it’s a specialty that we’re happy to provide for our customers.  If your company could benefit from cost savings on materials or the expertise of someone creating an inventory program then now is a good time to reach out to SureTech.


Every specialist we have at SureTech Assembly is ready to join your team and support your goals. Contact us and we'll get started right away!