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Every cable produced at SureTech must pass a rigorous quality inspection before it leaves our facility.  This has been part of a process since the doors opened in 2000 and as part of our own continuous improvement process has been revised multiple times.


Here are some of the things we are doing that will benefit you…

  • Quality personnel inspect each piece of equipment or tool when it is set-up for a production run
  • When appropriate, in-process inspections are made to ensure critical steps are done correctly before the assembly is fully completed
  • All products have a final inspection consisting of visual reviews and electrical testing. This final quality inspection can range from selecting an appropriate sample size to reviewing 100% of the finished product.

Beyond the day to day quality efforts that impact your individual products, SureTech maintains high standards of quality for ourselves too.  We do this by…

  • Maintaining a dedicated Quality Management System database that documents all quality corrections and training records
  • Monitoring and reviewing customer satisfaction through formal survey appraisals
  • Tracking quality metrics against the established goals on a monthly basis
  • Conducting quarterly reviews to identify potential risks or opportunities for quality improvement

All of our quality assurance initiatives are based on the ISO 9001 standards which have been proven to create a high-quality process resulting in high-quality product for you.