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A venture capital funded start-up manufacturer in North Carolina was creating a robotic commodity dispenser for food science company.  The project required over 40 different cable assemblies and was in the early design phases of the process.  Ultimately, it was going to be a high volume production operation.  To ensure each cable assembly was going to be accurately designed for both quality and low-cost mass production, the start-up decided to seek out a partner with expertise and experience in cable assembly design and production.


SureTech Solution: 

When the start-up found SureTech assembly, they found over 50 years of manufacturing engineering experience.  As a manufacturer, SureTech is best known for their work in contract assembly, but the experience in that field made them well positioned to consult and team with the group on this robotic commodity dispenser.  The project started by getting a full understanding of the start-ups short and long term goals, allowing SureTech engineers and team members to become strategic partners in the full process.  Over the next three months, engineers from both companies teamed up to work on 40+ cable assemblies.  This work included designing the cable assemblies, identifying the best materials, and providing the technical drawings for consistent and accurate production.  Because of the SureTech expertise, the start-up wound up with finished products that were ready for high volume production.


The Twist:

In the middle of the production build for this dispenser, the food science company was forced to move final production of the dispensers away from the nearby manufacturer to one located over 1000 miles away from SureTech.  The move to the new production facility was happening immediately and they needed cable assemblies quickly to get production back on track for the dispensers.

SureTech Solution:

With the shipping location and customer changing overnight, the SureTech team made sure to keep their focus on flexibility and meeting their partner's needs.  SureTech quickly began coordinating with the new production facility to understand their timing and process, ensuring a seamless transition in producing the robotic commodity dispenser.  The new manufacturer was impressed with SureTech’s pricing, quality standards, and ability to deliver the cable assemblies at the right time for production.  Through great communication and a focus on serving their partners, SureTech helped make sure the finished product was still completed on time and at a profitable price point.