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Manufacturing Capabilities

SureTech Assembly is equipped to meet a wide variety of cable assembly needs.  We make great cable assemblies that range from high volume automated production to low volume production with a high mix of products.

Below is a list of our manufacturing capabilities based on our current equipment. Click on any of them for a basic description.  We do add equipment based on customer jobs so if something is missing you can still ask us.

Machine Precision Wire Preparation

From bench-top equipment to fully automated wire processing machines, SureTech can cut, strip and terminate wire leads, ribbon cable, coax cable and jacketed cable.  Our fully automatic wire processing equipment can cut, strip and terminate both ends of a wire at rates up to 3000 pieces per hour.  Wires ranging from 36 AWG to 4/0 AWG can be processed.


Crimping terminals to wires is a core production process at SureTech with millions of crimps performed annually.  Terminals can be crimped using fully automatic wire processing machines, bench top presses, pneumatic and hydraulic presses as well as hand tools. 

Wire Marking

SureTech provides 3 methods for marking wire:

  • Hand-placed vinyl labels
  • Machine-wrapped vinyl labels
  • Ink jet printing directly on wire insulation

Wire Bundling

Tie Wraps

  • Tie wraps can be used to bundle wires together by manual application or by using semi-automatic equipment that, with a push of a button, dispenses, wraps and secures the tie wrap.

Shrink Tubing

  • SureTech stocks a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles of shrink tubing.  The tubing can be shrunk in calibrated ovens or by using a heat gun.

Wire Twisting

  • Wire twisting equipment by Stormtronics provides uniform twisting and precise twist counts.  Wires are retained in the twister by gently gripping the wires inside the pressurized surgical tubing to prevent any wire damage.


SureTech can solder wires and through-hole components to PC boards.  Only lead-free solder is used in SureTech’s facility.


Beading consists of wrapping wires around a device or component, typically ferrite beads.  SureTech has beaded in excess of ten million ferrite beads in its 17-year history.

Custom Harnessing

By using all of the previous capabilities listed – cutting/stripping/beading/soldering/bundling/ - SureTech can create complex wire harnesses.  In some cases, harnesses made by SureTech contain over 400 wires and are layed-out on a 4x8 sheet of plywood.  In most cases, harness boards are “electrified”, meaning that continuity testing is built into the harness board.