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A major power distribution manufacturer acquired a smaller power distribution manufacturer and was relocating the manufacturing operations to North Carolina.  During the moving process, the support documentation for over 500 different cable assemblies was lost.  Without this documentation, the on-going production builds would be halted and become very costly for the manufacturer.

SureTech Solution:

When the situation was presented to SureTech Assembly it became apparent this was truly a partnership opportunity.  SureTech became an extension of the manufacturer and began reverse engineering all 500-plus cable assemblies. For each cable assembly, SureTech provided the technical drawings and the bill of materials (BOM) required for production.  This solution was a well planned out operation that involved weekly coordination between SureTech and the customer.  The meetings were held between the two companies engineering teams to ensure the delivered materials matched both the original product and the required specifications for the final product.  Beyond the engineering team meetings, SureTech also coordinated with the Planning and Purchasing staff of the customer to prioritize which assemblies were needed and when to keep their business operating without a loss of time and sales.  The whole project was a year-long undertaking.  When completed, the company had fully replaced the missing support documents with accurate and updated documents using the best materials for each assembly and a plan for production that ensured a quality process and product.