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A venture capital funded start-up manufacturer was looking for assistance in designing cable assemblies for their robotic commodity dispenser. The manufacturer was clearly an expert in the mechanical engineering and design of the product, but with over 40 cable assemblies required it would have taken this start up much too long to get their product to market.


The manufacturer reached out to SureTech and quickly found the value of having cable assembly experts as an extension of their team. SureTech engineers worked alongside the existing team for 3 months and took the lead on all facets of the product wiring. For all 40+ cable assemblies, SureTech engineers designed them, selected components, and provided total documentation for final assembly. That documentation was critical to the success of this project as the product’s core job required 100% accuracy in dispensing the products. Without a proper wiring configuration and understanding of how each part needed to communicate internally, the machine would not have been able to reliably count the items dispensed.

In the end, the start-up manufacturer saved a great deal of time and money in completing the product. The custom wire assemblies were produced quickly and affordably because of enlisting the help of experts early on. The product itself was created in less time and built to the highest level of accuracy because SureTech remained a part of the team through the whole process.