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We really don’t like to talk about ourselves, but if you’re on this page you must want to know a little about us.  So, here’s the elevator pitch that we hope will keep you looking through this site to fully understand how we can be a great partner for you.


SureTech was founded in November of 2000 to provide a higher quality alternative for the numerous manufacturers around North Carolina in need of custom cable assemblies. In a field where the focus has moved towards outsourcing and discounted production with inconsistent results, we knew there was a spot for someone to raise the bar higher.  Since the day SureTech opened the doors the focus has been creating great custom cable assemblies for a fair price and getting to know our customers so we can all grow together.

To do this we’ve invested heavily in state of the art manufacturing equipment and in people that understand what quality means in a manufacturing environment.  The equipment we continue to invest in automates much of the manufacturing process which allows for a consistent finished product that is put together quickly.  Our experts who oversee the entire manufacturing process are a clear advantage in the industry as it allows SureTech to get your project right the first time and completed when you need it.  Most custom manufacturers choose to invest in only one of these avenues, but we don’t believe attention to detail should only be for the small custom jobs and that fair pricing should only go to the largest volume buyers.  Our approach is different and the results of our customers show that it’s working.

We like working with similarly minded companies that value relationships and quality.  Our pricing will always be fair and it is highly likely we’ll be able to save you significant money over your current suppliers or internal efforts.  We’d love if you gave us a chance to quote your next project.  You’ll see from that very first interaction we have a focus on people and providing value.  We do everything with great integrity and respect for your goals because that’s how we’d like to be treated.

SureTech Building

Ok, enough about us.  Either contact us so we can get to know you or keep reading to see how our work benefits you.  Thanks for visiting!